How to care for your dried floral arrangements

Your new dried floral arrangement/wreath/swag was made especially full to compensate for anticipated natural shedding during shipping, removal and handling. Colors will naturally soften over time, but are best maintained when displayed indoors, away from direct sunlight, high humidity and heat sources. To clean, use a blow-dryer on low/no heat setting at least 12 inches away from design. Silk and dried cleaning sprays (available at craft stores) work well to dissolve dust and brighten colors. To store, place wreath back in original box, cover with tissue paper and add a few moth or cedar balls to protect from moth infestation.During periods of high humidity, the worst possible way to store dried flowers is in a closed box on the basement floor. Elevate your storage area as much as possible and leave the box open whenever relative humidity is above 60%. Be sure to put a few moth balls, inside the carton to keep the Moths away! Moths LOVE dried floral arrangements!

With proper care your dried floral arrangement will last for years!

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