handmade roses

This is just a color chart.  Roses are not sold individually, we only use these in our finished floral arrangements

The perfect rose for places that require a hardy rose that wouldn’t damage or fade. You won’t believe your eyes… .they look so real!   Each rose is crafted uniquely and they are very realistic looking. Handcrafted of real handmade mulberry paper, these Roses Last Much Longer Than Preserved or Freeze Dried Roses!!     Read More about our roses below…..

Handcrafted Roses

raspberry-roses deep-red-burgundy-roses burgundy-gold-roses
yellow-roses Mercedes-red-roses light-green-roses
light-rose-roses lavender-rose plum-roses
light-pink-roses peach-roses cream-ivory-roses

Mulberry paper is handmade paper from felted mulberry tree fiber and dried under the sun. The natural texture of the mulberry paper gives the flower an added natural quality and artistic elegance. Each flower is carefully crafted by hand using natural fiber mulberry paper. Decorating with these high-quality artificial flowers will surely enhance the beauty of any room in your home or office

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