Green Eucalyptus Preserved 1lb Bunch


Large 1 lb bouquet of fragrant, preserved California-grown eucalyptus. Great for any home decor style, this beautiful preserved green eucalyptus bouquet will add a natural touch to your home or office. Just unwrap and drop in your favorite vase or large mason jar. Also great for use in crafts.
Perfect for year-round use. Each baby eucalyptus bunch is securely wrapped for damage-free shipping; stem count will vary depending on weight. Grown and preserved in California with natural vegetable glycerin and natural dye. Just unwrap the bouquet and place/arrange it in a vase.
Height from end to tip 28″ – 30″.

– 1 lb bouquet will last 6+ months
– Grown & preserved in California
– 28″ length for most stems
– Unwrap the bouquet and place it in your favorite vase

The eucalyptus is grown and dried in California; it is systemically preserved in a natural glycerin-based dye to preserve color.

**Color/shade may vary slightly throughout the year.

Keep away from high humidity. May cause staining if exposed to humid conditions.

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