Fuchsia Pink Globe Amaranth Dried Flower Bunch – 4 oz Bunch of Everlasting Bi-Color (Fuchsia Pink White Tip) Gomphrena


Natural Gomphrena dried everlasting flowers will add eye-catching beauty to your bouquets, wreaths and dried flower arrangements. Their tall, fine stems give Gomphrena a delicate appearance, while their colorful globular heads give a splash of color to DIY floral arrangements and nature-inspired crafts. They also look beautiful in dried flower wreaths, crowns, headpieces, and hair accessories.

– Color Bi-Color Fuchsia Pink with White Tip
– 4 oz bunch
– 14″-16″ Aprox Stem Lengths

The Globe Amaranth (Gomphrena)
with blooms that range from white, orange, pink or purple and were given during the Victorian era as a way to say, “My love will never fade or die!” These cheerful, long-lasting flowers symbolise unfading love and respect.

Securely packaged and shipped in a sturdy box.

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